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Welcome in The Surf Lodge

The Surf Lodge is a pop-up paradise located in one of the best surf hotspots in the world: Ericeira (Portugal). You will sleep in fun cabanas, comfortable sheds or glamping tepees. The Surf Lodge is an 18+ event.

One of the best surf spots in the world!

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The surf spot

Ericeira has been voted best surf spot in the world a number of times already. All year long you can experience the best surf breaks you could dream up, whether you are a beginner or a true pro. The village is close to a lot of spots you can head off to. Our personal favourites are “Sao Julia” (photo) and Praia do Sul. These locations do not only feature the best waves imaginable, they also have a beautiful sandy beach.

The entire coastline is accessible through a Surf Express that allows you to hop on and off whenever you fancy, which allows you to discover all the surf spots within one week!

Spot The Surf Lodge
Spot The Surf Lodge
Spot The Surf Lodge
Spot The Surf Lodge
Spot The Surf Lodge
Activity The Surf Lodge
Activity The Surf Lodge
Activity The Surf Lodge


The central theme of the week will of course be surfing, but if you are in the market for some variation, there are loads of other activities available. You can rent jet skis, engage in some stand up peddling, go kite surfing or use our own longboards. The Surf Lodge has its very own yoga instructor that can charge up your energy early in the morning. Each week, a number of buses drive up to Lisbon for a city trip to this gorgeous city.

Ericeira City

The camping is located directly on the city of Ericeira. This beautiful South-West Portugese city is known for it's white-blue streets where you can eat at delicious little restaurants.

Eating outside the door is a lot more common in Portugal and therefore reasonably priced. In a lot of restaurants you can get a 'Prato do Dia' for €7.50, which means dish of the day.

Location The Surf Lodge
Location The Surf Lodge
Location The Surf Lodge
Location The Surf Lodge
Nightlife The Surf Lodge
Nightlife The Surf Lodge
Nightlife The Surf Lodge
Nightlife The Surf Lodge
Nightlife The Surf Lodge

When the sun goes down

Because of its international surf hot spot reputation, Ericeira also has a bustling nightlife. The centre of the town is only a short walk from our Surf Lodge and can be reached by walking along the beach. You will find dozens of cosy bars and exquisite restaurants. In the early hours of the morning everybody heads to the legendary club Ouriço. Our Lodge will also have its very own surf bar where you can relax after an exhausting day.

The Lodging

In The Surf Lodge, you can choose your perfect sleeping spot. There are various luxury cabanas which contain their own kitchen and bathroom facilities for four to six people. In addition, we also have a couple of exceptionally cosy wooden sheds (two people) and gorgeous tepees with already mounted beds (two to four people). The sheds and tepees come with communal use of bathroom facilities.

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Lodging The Surf Lodge
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There are three available weeks with a limited number of places you can pick to enjoy our Surf Lodge. In terms of accommodation, you can choose between a shed (max. two people) or a glamping tepee (two to four people). This option costs €350, for a bungalow (max. four to six people) you pay €420 (per person).

This includes the following:

  • Seven nights in The Surf Lodge
  • Unlimited use of surf boards and wetsuits
  • Use of materials such as longboard, SUPs, etc.
  • Yoga sessions
  • The entire framework of the week

In addition, the following is optional:

  • Surf lessons: (3 x 2 hours): €80

Available weeks:

  • Week 1: From Saturday 20 July to Saturday 27 July
  • Week 2: From Saturday 27 July to Saturday 3 August
  • Week 3: From Saturday 3 August to Saturday 10 August
Picture the Surf Lodge

How do I get there?

There a lot of low-fee airline companies that fly to Lissabon, which is located 45 kilometres away from The Surf Lodge in Ericeira. Buses run between Lissabon and Ericeira every half an hour. A ticket for these buses is only €5.5. Someone from The Surf Lodge will come pick you up from the bus station in Ericeira and bring you to the Lodge.

The Food

Every morning there is a communal breakfast underneath the Flex tent, the payment is done each time with the bar cart system. For dinner there are tons of little restaurants who serve cheap but good full course diners (consisting of three dishes mostly). If you are not in the mood to go out and have a bungalow, there are grocery shops nearby.


At the start of the week, you will receive a surf tutorial taught by our very own surf instructor. You can also choose to receive classes from a professional instructor that will teach you how to surf. This lesson package costs €80 and consist of three two-hour surf classes. If you want to take it one step further and get a private instructor that will offer guidance all week long, please send us an email at


Every cabana has its own electricity but the sheds and tepees can use a central electricity point.

Various accommodation options

The cabanas come with their own kitchen, living room and bathroom facilities. They are all decorated very comfortably and offer room to four up to six people. If you come as a duo, we recommend the shed which is smaller but comes with two separate beds. You use communal bathroom facilities. You can also opt for the charm of a beautiful tepee, these tepees come with one or two two-person beds. If you stay in a tepee, you will also use the communal bathroom facilities.

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